A true contactless communication solution for payment and authentication.
Compatible with Electronic Payment Terminals and Cash Register systems.

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CheckoutSonic soundwaves securely transmit encrypted data between two devices using speakers/ headphones and microphones. The only technology totally interoperable with any mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop, desktop, ATM, kiosk and IoT devices such as Vocal Assistants.


The cybersecurity and fintech industry is looking for new ways to bridge the digital / physical gap, to contain costs & to enhance customer experience. CopSonic has created a new ultrasonic codec dedicated to data transmission over the air that meets these expectations.

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The smartphone becomes the primary graphic interface for the vocal assistant

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Privacy Compliance

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Instant Payment services, Crypto Currency & e-Money

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The Vocal Assistant becomes an EPT device.

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A cardless solution without soft POS. No need for credit card readers

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Backend systems integration and reconciliation, balancing can run / integrate with existing infrastructure.

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No need: QR Code, NFC, Bluetooth. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for PSD2 APIS


Smart Vehicles

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  • For taxis, VTS and car rental services, the vocal assistant becomes a payment terminal and a secure key to start the engine.
  • Future autonomous vehicles will free up time for families who will be able to consume new connected services for which they can pay without contact.

Smart TV

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  • Buying connected services.
  • Parental Control.
  • Counting and positioning people in the room.

Internet Box

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  • Pay per view, VOD, Music On Demand, Parental control and other services over the Internet Box

Tips & Donations

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  • Preconfigured merchant bank account on the vocal assistant without interaction to receive funds.
  • Works on any phone, with application or without application through phone calls.

SMARTDEVICES compatibility



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Ultrasonic connectivity

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